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We begin by taking a close look at the overall supply chain of a product to uncover inefficiencies and areas outside the core competencies of your organization. Inventory management, assembly and kitting take up space, time and money. We understand that this process is not a profitable part of your business, but a necessary step. We take this step off your hands by purchasing the inventory, packaging it and fulfilling your orders so you can focus your resources on your core business.

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Our Services Include:

How we work

MVP will purchase product from the same suppliers that sell direct to your organization. We utilize a vendor managed inventory system to deliver the highest-quality product possible while making it simple to replenish inventory before you run out.

MVP is committed to providing packaging, kits, assemblies and service that delight our clients. We strive to deliver every product on time, to the exact bill of material and are committed to meeting all requirements. We also follow all applicable regulatory requirements. We aim to improve the product appearance and function as well as improve our processes to deliver the best value possible to our customer.